Pestle analysis of easyjet

Brands are able to listen to their consumers and consumers can share their products or services, adding value to the brand.

If you like one, you have an opportunity to buy a similar paper. Internal threats could include a skill or staff shortages within your organization.


The air travel flies to main destination airports throughout European countries so that it is very attractive to business holidaymakers. Sir Stelios was knighted by the Queen in Junefor services to entrepreneurship.

One of the qualities of Germans is that they put facts ahead of emotions and hence behave very objectively. Are there any current legislations that regulate the industry or can there be any change in the legislations for the industry?

One of the most important factor is the Fluctuations in fuel market price as its influences the airline business. Reference groups can also increase advertising speed by a member-got-member technique, where actual customers recommend the company to their friends; as they themselves are motivated by consequently earning a promotion Ryan and Jones, Political factors reflect the political stability of the region where Easyjet is operating.

This is due to the reason that shopping markets get closed by the evening and are closed on Sundays. The airline must be constantly innovative to maintain its current advantages in e-tailing.

Easyjet Strategic Evalutaion

The current industrial production growth rate is around 6. There were some other legal issues over the time; hence they could never integrate their operations in German stores. Technological environment Infrastructural facilities are very strong in Germany which facilitates the growth of any business in the country.

Terrorism and catastrophic loss can lead to lesser flights and loss of infrastructural support, conflict dangers and outbreak of epidemics or pandemics could increase apprehensions about air travel.

There are certain laws that affect the business environment in a certain country while there are certain policies that companies maintain for themselves. Over the past years, Ryanair has progressively stopped to collaborate with travel agents and ground staff.

Weaknesses The low-cost airline industry is extremely competitive with numerous brands fighting for the same customer base. However if the economic situation recovers in Europe, people will be more likely to spend more money on flights and their demand will decrease for Ryanair.

At last, promotion must also convince individuals who it is safe to take flight and constitute EasyJet as Euro most significant low fare flight.

PESTEL Analysis – How to write PESTEL analysis

Conclusion Any MNC trying to expand its presence in Germany must have a clear understanding about the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal aspects of the country. Both carriers have an equally strong brand recognition.Dec 12,  · Strategic Analysis easyJet MILLIE CLARKE.

Loading Unsubscribe from MILLIE CLARKE? PESTLE Analysis, Porter 5 Forces - Duration: Fatmir Hyseniviews. PEST analysis for easyJet for the next 5 years. The following factors are likely to have an influence on the airline industry and should therefore be taken into account when formulating a Marketing Plan for easyJet.

Politico-legal factors. Threat of war in. Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of the company belonging to the same category, sector or industry. Advertisements Browse marketing analysis of more brands and companies similar to Limited.

Pestle analysis of Easyjet Political Factors. Political factors reflect the political stability of the region where Easyjet is operating. OPPORTUNITIES. Government grants permission to purchase new Aircrafts. Government guidance and assistance available to travel and tourism businesses.

PESTEL and SWOT analysis of British American Tobacco; PESTEL and SWOT analysis of British American Tobacco. Published: November 21, A SWOT and PESTEL analysis of EasyJet.

1. Introduction and History A successful example of a European no frills airline is easyJet. Stelios Haji-Ioannou (Greek) founded the company in Easyjet Pestle Analysis. The Corporate Social Responsibility shows that the company goes beyond just running a business to make profit.

Examples of this are employee benefits, charitable donations to organisations, hospitals and schools.4/4(1).

Pestle analysis of easyjet
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