An analysis of the issue of the high salaries of professional athletes

Therefore, one cannot conclude from these numbers that Americans rank professional sports above education. Fans need to take a stand. Even President Bush gets paid less than what most professional athletes are making.

In some sports, like professional golf for example, the amount of money that players can earn each year is a bit more complicated.

They want twenty million dollars instead of ten million. Unlike the Hill and Groothius 11 study, Michaelides did consider micro factors such as player ability. We found that points per game and field goal percentage were the two main contributors to player salary. Nor do most professional athletes strike it rich.

Even most medical doctors fail to earn such a sum during their entire working lives. He or she may also be expected to pay the league additional fines.

The dependent variable for this study was NBA player salaries and the independent variables were the ten offensive and defensive statistical categories. To most observers, the difference between the salaries for professional athletes and teachers seems to reflect mistaken priorities.

Journal of Sports Economics, 4 1 Pay discrimination, exit discrimination or both? The most overpaid and underpaid player of every nba team. What should athletes deserve to be paid? This is one very small example of the ridiculousness surrounding athletes and their paychecks.

Advanced and multivariate statistical methods: Journal of Sport Economics 11 5 Journal of Sport Economics, 13 1 If the long-term benefits of trading a player outweigh the financial obligation i. With big paychecks come big responsibilities … to Uncle Sam.

Every year there are strikes and lockouts because the athletes think they are not getting paid enough money.

Determinants of NBA Player Salaries

An estimated one in every six professional football players files for bankruptcy within 12 years of retiring from the game due to lack of planning, unsustainable lifestyles, and other factors. Would you want your daughter watching a man on TV who had a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl?

One explanation for the dramatic increase is that deals between television networks and sports associations grew when more people started tuning in. He entertained us for eighty two games and now has more money than he can spend.

Results from their study indicated that MLB free agent position players were willing to forego monetary gains in exchange for a long-term contract. A player who has an excessive amount of fouls gives his opponent the opportunity to score and thus he becomes a liability to his team.

And besides, if the owners can pay ballplayers that much, how much are they making? Some of the details of the editorial are true. In terms of treatment of such variable, Mertler and Vannatta 19 suggest that the variable be eliminated from the analysis.

First, since utility is ordinal and not cardinal, the numbers themselves do not measure utility; at best, they are a representation or proxy. Athletes are getting what they want from the owners by negotiating through their agents.

Journal of Sports Economics 3 1 6— To this end, we chose to follow the suggestion of Mertler and Vannatta and eliminate the turnover variable. We screened the data to determine if multicollinearity existed among our chosen explanatory variables. Posted on March 8, in Articles Remember your first job?

The escalation of NBA player salaries has not only been explosive, but it has also created a large earnings gap between players. InMike Tyson was accused of rape and convicted one year later.Athletes get paid an enormously high salary for the work they do.

Really all they do is entertain us. We should consider the value of their work and pay them accordingly.4/4(1). Athletes' Salaries Too High? Sports Fans, Blame Yourselves.

In the Market, the Consumer Is the Ultimate Boss is that the discussants themselves ultimately are the ones setting such high rewards for being an outstanding athlete. It is the very fans who often grumble about the “ridiculous” wages paid to top athletes who in effect set. What do athletes’ salaries say about American values?

That we still have some industries free of the government’s clutches — for. In June, Forbes published its annual list of the world’s highest paid athletes.

Of the top 25, nine are Americans employed by teams in the NBA or NFL. At first glance, $77 million in total.

Visualizing the Yearly Salary of Professional Athletes, NBA Players Average $5+ Million a Year

Escalating Professional Athlete Salaries Works Cited Not Included In recent years, with the growing popularity of sports, athletes salaries have escalated like that of a superb stock equity.

Athletes are taking full advantage of their position, causing the average man to wonder how high will they go. The following is a summary of studies conducted on professional athletes’ salaries.

Berri, Brook, and Schmidt (2) asked the question does a NBA player need to .

An analysis of the issue of the high salaries of professional athletes
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